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Passionate Teacher

The Bansuri or Indian flute as it's commonly known " happened " to me when I was a child , it has since been a way of life and not just an instrument for me. I have learnt the art of flute playing from renowned exponent of the bansuri Pt. Rajendra Prasannaji who family has contributed immensely for the evolution of Indian Flute. His father, Pt. Raghunath Prasannaji introduced many techniques which has made the instrument more versatile and expanded its capabilities to express more styles of music. Most of  the famed and celebrated Flautists of the country have some lineage associated with this musical family and I was fortunate to have been a student of this school directly.

I've had the privilege of performing & recording  with artists in India , USA , EUROPE  in genres that extend well beyond traditional classical Hindustani while strongly maintaining my own. Of course , all this couldn't happen without the strength & solidity that arise out of my training & gurus efforts.

It has been my fervour & joy to share , help & inspire which has resulted in a combination of traditional & modern approach to teach Bansuri. Passion inspiration & methodical practice is the key.
I am having students all round the globe who are learning from me for the past many years. I am also providing master classes in Italy and USA in month of July and August respectively. You can hear what they feel about my teaching in the testimonial section.



Making Learning More Enjoyable

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The beginner course is like a foundation of any building. The deeper and stronger it is, more it can go high. Any small wrong technique used will make the progress slow at later stage or make you comeback to work on the basics. This can be frustrating and may take away the interest from learning itself. I stress on the correct techniques and make sure the students spends more time on the right way of playing so that they enjoy their musical learning later.


Once you are confident about your basic techniques its time to play some easy ragas to understand how a classical presentation goes. The whole raga improvisations will be based on what you learnt in the beginner class. In this stage we try work mostly on the Ragas with open hole notes except that you will start with basic exercises of complicated half open hole scales. Half open is very difficult and requires lot of practice but the way I introduce half notes one by will certainly make things easier.


In this stage we focus on the musical aspects and how it should be delivered on the flute. This will start with trying to put your musical thoughts to work along with learning my musical thoughts. This is a balanced approach because you start your own musical thoughts but learning my music simultaneously will make your thoughts mature. Though it looks simple it takes time and depends on ones talent to absorb the music.

The Vision

Small Class Recording

Student Testimonials

Amazing performance by the students

Student Performance Videos


Maryana (Canada)

Abhiram (New Jersey)

Mayank (Melbourne)

Abhishek (Seattle)

Param (New Jersey)

Moksha (New Jersey)

Sylvia Udar (Chicago)

Kushal (San Hose)

Ighor (Toronto)

Julia (Florida)

Shivani ( New Jersey)

Pratush (New Jersey)

Suhaas (Pennsylvania)

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Mar'yana ( Canada)

4 Years of Playing

She is presenting complex rhythmic patterns she herself created under the guidance of the teacher. The basic idea is taught and the student is encouraged to explore his own music

Ighor ( Canada)

Learning since 4 Years

Aalap is a meditative start of the raga which invovles the right approach to each notes and should establish the mood of the Raga. I teach the students the intricacies of the phrases in simple way and work on small structures so the the student can build his own music. Also a lot of stress is put on the right intonations of the half open notes.

Abhishek (Seattle USA)

Learning 3 Years

Abhishek is very talented musician who has associated with the music world since many years. He started learning the flute from me since 3 years. A lot work was done the basics and practicing the right techniques so that he can express his music in a better way. Abhishek has also picked my gharanas style of flute playing very fast with his amazing talent.

Abhiram ( New Jersey, USA)

Learning since 1.2 year

Abhiram started his musical journey 1 year ago at my Canajoharie Arts Academy Master class for 15 days and later continued online through the year. He worked on the basics and techniques I taught and when i found out he had a good sense of rhythm, he was taught the basic ideas to explore rhythm and make his own improvisation, which he has showcased beautifully in the video.With good techniques and hard work he has progressed very fast in one year.



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